Monday, May 23, 2016

Review of goals.

I started this month with three goals; blog eight times, meal prep for two weeks and workout eight times. This will be post number ten! One goal down. 

As for the meal prep... I made a good effort. I hit a few snags like a power outage and my son getting really sick. All in all I stuck to it way better than I originally thought I would. I have done all the dinner except two that I still plan on making. It's been fun trying new recipes with my husband and finding things he really enjoys. I made the stuffed shells and apparently that meal was Facebook status worthy in the words on my sweet husband.

Aa I mentioned, my son got pretty sick this last week. He had his 12 month wellness check up on a Friday. He ended up getting four shots, one of which was the chicken pox. My husband left for the field super early Monday and wasn't home until late Wednesday night. Monday I had noticed a few spots on the back of his neck and around his ears before putting him to bed. Tuesday he woke up with more mostly on his back and some on his chest. I watched the rash all day and kept an eye on his temperature. He felt warm and slept most of the day. So Wednesday arrived and I decided to take him in. The rash was now all over his body and you could tell he was miserable. 

They didn't seem worried about the rash. Said it was most likely a viral infection. They tested for strep and checked his ears. I was thinking he might have had a reaction to the chicken pox because both the rash and fever are possible side affects. Was told to just let it run its course. We gave him Tylenol for the fever but the poor guy would just lay on me all day and then when he would nap it'd be for four hours.

When my husband returned home from work on Thursday, we noticed he was looking a little blue. He gave him a bath because it was almost bed time for the little guy but when he got out I looked at him and decided we should take him in again to check his oxygen levels. When it was all said and done he was fine but his fever was still going up. We were put on a strict four hour schedule for the Tylenol.

At about 4 a.m. it had reached 103.1. But as the day went on it kept going down and he started feeling better and better. Finally feeling himself again this past Sunday. As you can see my goals have taken a back seat. My son comes first and I'm okay with the idea of not finishing up my goals for something like that.

As far as the workouts go. I have gotten down on the floor while my son is playing and done push-ups, crunches and butterfly kicks but I guess I don't really consider that a workout. My husband is out again this week and as soon as he gets back we are headed to Philadelphia. I will be attempting to get a few full workouts in to say I at least tried but at this point I don't think I'll be getting the full eight in unless I do two a day.

With my husband being gone, in the evenings after Grayson has gone to bed, I plan to use that time to catch up on the monthly posts for Grayson. I had my husband help me figure out my hard drive and I'll be organizing pictures and getting those added. If all of that gets done I can finally start back up on his baby book!! Now that he's a year old I want so badly to finish it and get it printed.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Grayson: Twelve Months!

I have gotten pretty behind on these posts but I have at least taken the monthly photos and wrote a little update with each. For some reason I never posted the twelve month picture. I took it, just never got around to posting it. So I want to start with this one, get it posted and then go back and finish the rest. I use these posts as reference for the baby book I am currently working on. I need to get these done before I can move on with the book. Without further ado.

"The days may seem long, but the years fly by." No truer words were ever spoken. I remember it all like it was yesterday. Waking Justin up at midnight because my water broke, how sweet my nurse was, every contraction and then seeing you there laying on my chest. I was exhausted and couldn't keep my eyes open. Next thing I know my dads by my side telling me how great I did and how perfect Grayson is. I open my eyes to see Justin at the foot of the bed holding Grayson with tears in his eyes.
For the last year, I have watched you learn and grow everyday. My tiny baby is now this wild and crazy kid with so much personality. I am so thankful to be your Mommy. I am truly blessed beyond words.

This is the post I shared along with the first picture I shared with the world of Grayson. Now my little baby is a year old!

At a year old, you can now walk! You have eight teeth with a few more working on coming in. You are now 30 inches long and weigh 24.8 pounds! You are in 18 month clothing. You can shake your head no and yes. You wave, clap, dance and give high fives. You can click your tongue and drive your power wheel. You don't say much but occasionally we can get: Daddy, Hi, Mmmm (when you take a bite). You do great with fruit and vegetables, breads and pastas. You love yogurt! You don't care much for meats and eggs. Some of your favorite things include: Dogs! Especially when hyper and barking. You think it's so funny. Mickey Mouse, bath time or water in general, blankets and climbing and exploring.

You are now sleeping through the night and put yourself to sleep for your naps. You still take two naps, lasting about an hour or two. Your bedtime has been moved back to around 7:30 and you wake up at 6:00 a.m. sharp. This month you got to go to Michigan to meet your great grandma Sue. She had a taxidermy bear in her living room that you loved to pet. Ha! Ha! While there you got to ride on your first tractor. For daddy's leave we went to Tennessee to celebrate your first birthday.

 (I'll have that all in a separate post.) I will also come back and add all the photos for this month. I have to get them all on my laptop and organized.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Power Outages And More

I was doing so good last week, that was until Thursday night when the power went out. I had just started dinner too. We waited a few minutes and nothing came back on. Justin went to the neighbors and there's was out, along with someone across the road. 

This night for some reason I had started dinner late for us, about 6:30. Grayson is usually in bed no later than eight. But he gets his bath before bed and has a whole routine. We tried to wait a few more minutes before talking about other options. We decided on the mall. Justin had been wanting Wendy's for days and it allowed me to grab subway at the same time.

As we pulled out of the neighborhood, we notice employees standing outside of SAMs Club and Walmart and I realized it was not just our neighborhood that had the power outage. We go through three lights being out before getting to the mall, where the Best Buy guys are all standing outside. 

At this point we decided on just finding a restaurant down the road that was open. First one we stopped at was crazy busy and Grayson was now getting tired. We ended up at a Denny's. I made good choices and stuck with a salad though.

Power was still out when we got home and put the baby to sleep. It came on sometime while we were all asleep. Then Friday comes and Grayson has his one year check up. I was running behind getting us ready to go and missed my lunch, as did my husband. By the time we got out of the Dr. It was four. We were both starving and starting to feel sick. If I would've gone home, between the drive, putting Grayson to sleep for a small nap and making dinner, we wouldn't have eaten for at least an hour and a half. Thusly, we decided to hit up the mall so Justin could get his Wendy's. 

Grayson had gotten shots at his appointment and it was now two hours past his nap time. He ended up falling asleep in the car. I had Justin go in and grab food while I let Grayson get in a nap. He knows what I like from everywhere so I didn't think to specify. He came back out with Chinese! Which I love but I was trying hard to stick to the meal prep or at least make a healthy substitute. It was delicious, by the way...

We were out and about all day Saturday but I was good and got a subway chopped salad. I was joking with my husband about all the sweets I was craving since cutting them out. The smores frapachino I missed last year at Starbucks, ice cream and those cinnamon, cream filled things at Taco Bell! Well that was a bad decision on my part because he's a sweetheart who went out later and got me that frapachino and ice cream from sonic.

I love him to death but he sure makes things hard. I had the coffee and put the ice cream in the freezer to snack on the next few days. I can say however, Sunday I got back on track! Not only that but Justin is in the feild Monday through Wednesday so it'll just be me and the little guy. He'll be home through Saturday and turns around and leaves again for five days! I'll be able to stick to my meals fairly easily. Once he gets back we turn around and leave for Philadelphia for our Memorial Day weekend. Which reminds me I need to go finalize our daily plans. 

Anyone been to Philadelphia and have a must see place or amazing food you could reccomend? 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Love For Food

Part of my three goals for the month was to do two weeks of meal prep. It's going... It's hard, to say the least. Cutting out all the sweets and junk food has been the hardest. I didn't make the goal of sticking to water only because I knew this would be a good enough start. I definitely drink my calories. I LOVE Rootbeer. We also buy lots of drinks, juices, Gatorade, coffee!! I'll work on that later.
It has been months form the last time I've tried this and since then have not kept to any sort of healthy eating. But I know if I hit it hard now, the faster I will see results.

The first dinner I made was fish tostadas. Because I didn't fry the corn tortillas, they were soft and ended up being more like tacos. I thought they were decent. Justin didn't really care for them. I had mashed avocado, tilapia with salsa, cheese and two olives on mine. I would be open to trying them again with maybe a different fish.

Justin has been working a lot of late nights this week. On this night he had a meeting around the time I would normally start dinner. They were having pizza so he gave me a heads up to make one of the meals that he probably wouldn't enjoy. My choice was the zucchini noodles and shrimp. I loved it! Definitely something I would make again when Justin is in the field.

Night three was a broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken. It called for chicken breasts, which is what I thought I had in the freezer. Turns out I only had tender and thighs. So I improvised with the thighs. The recipe suggests seasoning in the middle and on top. My husband and I always differ so he asked for just Seasonal on his. I added a grill rub to mine and basil. After tasting them he had made the comment he should've branched out on the seasonings. I let him try mine and we ended up switching one of ours. So we both had one of each. I like his just as much. We both agreed it was a great recipe for the both of us! It will be made again and is a great compromise for the both of us. If nothing else this two weeks will get us to try new things and hopefully find a few things we both love.

I caved and made mashed potatoes with our meal for my husband. It was a treat for sure! Didn't realize how much I missed them. Ha! Ha!