Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week Thirty Seven

April 19th- April 25th

Third Trimester. 3 weeks left. According to my app he is as big as a winter melon. (19-22 in and 6.5 lbs.)

Cravings: This week I have been wanting corn dogs, a California roll and gyros!

Sleep: Not happening at night. I am just in a bunch of pain and would just love to sleep on the couch but the husband doesn't like the idea of that. I get up in the morning when he leaves and catch up on my sleep for a few hours. I have found that if I prop myself up with pillows and lay some what on my back I can actually get some decent sleep at night.

Mood: I am still short tempered but try not to let it get the best of me.

Our walks haven't been happening this week due to the weather. One day the weather had our cable and internet out all day and the power altogether for about an hour. Towards the end of the week it actually snowed.

Having a check up this next week had me doing a bunch of research. Since I should be having my cervical check I was reminded of something that might cause some issues with my delivery. I have a septated cervix which basically means I have a piece of skin dividing it into two. I couldn't find anything online. All the information I could find online was for a septated uterus. I have a friend who is a doula who works with a few midwives. I tend to go to her for most of my information. Since my appointment isn't until Monday and I couldn't find any useful information, I looked to her.

She talked with her midwives for me because she didn't know much on the subject either. My main questions being: Will this cause problems with dilation or delivery? The consensus being, if I had made it this far, I should be fine. Dilating should happen but during delivery there could be a possibility of it tearing and cervical bleeding that the doctors need to be aware of. I had mentioned the issue at my first appointment but my Dr. didn't seem to know anything and just shrugged it off saying if nothing else he would just cut it.

I will be seeing another Dr. at the coming up appointment and should be getting a cervical check. I plan on bringing it up again before the check and see what kind of plan we can work out for delivery. I had the plan of doing this as naturally as possible but I am fully aware that things change based on the needs of the baby and I am completely okay with that. I have a feeling that they might even want to just schedule a c-section just to avoid any problems. I had really hoped to avoid that but we will just have to see how the appointment goes and whats best for baby.

On a lighter note, I am pretty sure the baby dropped this week. The pressure down low was pretty intense on Saturday and looking down at my belly, it looks smaller. Since I haven't been keeping up with pictures weekly, it's hard to tell but looking in the mirror, there does seem to be a noticeable difference. We also finally hung up the letters for his name above the crib. Been putting it off but ending this week with only two weeks to go seemed like we should get it done.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Week Thirty Six

April 12th- April 18th

This week we had another check up. This was the first one I had to go to alone. The hubby is doing a two week class at work. I've been so lucky to have him at all the rest. I felt really bad for him this time though. He got to see an ultrasound at the 20 week check up but I got to do the 4D when I was home in February. He's been excited for this ultrasound because he loves seeing our baby.

So of course it ended up being the one he wouldn't be able to make it to. Also the one picture they gave us was horrible. You can't really tell what it is even supposed to be. He was pretty cute to watch on screen though. He always has his hand under his chin or next to his face like mommy. When she was pushing where his face was with the ultrasound, he put his hands up and started pushing back.

Friday we had Justin's uncle and aunt come up and stay the night and spend the day with us. This week I took two belly pictures! If you know me than that's a big deal. Ha! Ha! I was just in a selfie kind of mood I guess. Didn't realize it had been so long either since the last one. I'm not great about documenting this pregnancy when it comes to the belly pictures like most of my friends are. It's funny because I thought I would be better about it.

I got my second nose bleed this pregnancy... Fun stuff. We have figured out all the travel plans for the grandparents. We have have people coming out the first three months and we are going home at the end of June on Justins leave! My belly button may eventually become an outtie before this pregnancy is over. It's normally pretty deep but it's working its way up. We worked once again on the letters for Graysons room. We have them all painted and started the process of figuring out where and how we want to hang them. Food cravings have been ice cream. Justin and I have been taking advantage of the nice weather this week to go for walks after he gets home from work and we have dinner. Then he will take me out for ice cream. It has been a sweet bonding time for the two of us. Still no symptoms aside from the one night of Braxton Hicks. Only a few more weeks.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Week Thirty Five

April 5th- April 11th

Thought I posted this a week ago... Oh well. Here it is.

This week started with Easter Sunday. We had a couple invites out for Easter but I honestly didn't want to be that far away from town and after the Braxton Hicks, I wanted to just be home, resting. Instead, we made a pot roast for dinner and spent the day, just the two of us. Justin got lucky and ended up not having to go into the field this week. That took a load off my mind. We know a few people up here but if he were in the field and I went into labor I would be doing it alone until he could make it to the hospital and with us only having one car he would have to find someone to give him a ride.

On top of that I got the best news! He won't be deploying! When he text me that, of course I cried. Maybe it is the hormones or the fact that he won't be somewhere dangerous. Having to leave a short time after our little guy is born. Missing his first year. I prayed on this for the past year. That God use us how he needs us and that I would put my faith in him. That if he was meant to be deployed than I would find a way to find peace in that. We have have been so blessed this past year.

The kicking has gotten to be more like pushing instead of kicks. He's out of room and being able to breathe is not so easy at this point. This week we entered the 30 day countdown! The past few weeks I have been so uncomfortable and with a lack of a good nights sleep, I have no motivation to get things done around the house. Luckily my husband has been a saint and hasn't seemed to mind and has picked up some of the slack. As the week ended I have finally started getting back into the groove of things. Hopefully I keep this extra bit of energy until the baby arrives. A bunch of little things I want to get cleaned that doesn't normally get my attention like washing walls.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Week Thirty Four

March 29th- April 4th

Six weeks left. Each week, as we get closer, I still find it hard to believe I am about to be holding this little boy in my arms and kissing his chubby little cheeks. However, I am to the point where I just want this little guy out already. I know he needs to stay in but there just seems to be no more room. This week I noticed the start of stretch marks. I'm not that worried about it. I got them as a child because I hit puberty in the fifth grade. Between the growth spurts and that, I got them on my hips and thighs. Then when I gained all my weight I got them on my stomach. As I lost weight they became flesh colored and honestly they don't bother me.

My husband rubs cream on my stomach a few nights a week. Before bed he kisses me goodnight and then he will kiss my belly, tell Grayson goodnight and talk to him for a few minutes. If he is asleep he will start moving around when he hears his daddies voice. I love my boys. We got two packages this week. The first was a surprise from someone on Justin's side of the family. It had a few outfits all 6 months and up which is exactly what we need. My favorite pieces were the moose and beaver sleeper and the bear snow suit! Beyond cute. My mom made some blocks with Graysons name on them. They look great on his dresser.

We also bought letters for his middle name that I planned on painting black. We are doing his first name as well but wanted to start with the smaller of the two. I knew I had some black paint in my craft box but it was cheap and didn't look right. I chose the easy route and bought spray paint. They turned out how we wanted and once we get his first name done, we will hang them above his crib. This week I had my first Braxton Hicks contractions. We decided it was probably time to get the car seat installed in the car. Justin will be in the field next week and probably doing a class for work soon. The weather was nice so we washed and vacuumed out the car. I got it installed and showed him how it all worked. This way when the time comes he is ready. He loves it being in the car. He's a mush and this little guy is going to have him wrapped around his finger.

This week I have also noticed the Grayson gets the hiccups all the time! The good thing about them is knowing where his head is positioned. He is always head down but I was really uncomfortable one day and realized after his hiccups he was laying sideways from rib to rib. It was not a lovely day. The next day he was back down and has been ever since. Third trimester is probably not the best time to try and paint your toes either! But they needed it and I feel much better.