Monday, September 21, 2015


Life has been hectic lately, to say the least and it shows on how often I've been able to blog. At the start of this month I created a 30 day challenge. It was mostly made up of workouts. I did this because getting back into the habit of working out again is much harder for me than eating better. The 15th was my half way point and time to review the progress I had made. At the beginning of this month I bought a digital scale which showed a five pound difference from my old scale. I adjusted my goals to show the difference. On the 15th I weighed in at the same weight which I was expecting. No matter how much you work out, if you aren't eating right, you won't lose weight.

My plan was to use this month to get back into working out but come the 15th I had really wanted to change up my eating habits. I am ready to start seeing results and really what is the point in working out so hard if I ruin it by eating whatever I want. So I made new goals and plans for the last two weeks of this month. The biggest change was making a meal plan. Here is what my daily meals look like:

3 eggs scrambled with avocado or in omelet form with only bell peppers and onions.

Morning Snack:
I made bags of frozen peaches and strawberries. About three slices of a peach and three small strawberries.

Salad. I used romaine because spinach goes bad to fast and I shop for two weeks worth of groceries. I add 2/3 slices of tomato, 5/6 black olives, a thin slice of Colby Monterey Jack cheese and one chicken tender. I add no more than 2 tbsp's of ranch dressing.

Afternoon Snack:
I made up bags of carrots and celery. One stalk of celery and about 6/8 baby carrots. I use 2 tbsp's of peanut butter for the celery because I don't enjoy it much.

Two chicken tenders cooked in coconut oil and only add spices for flavoring. Also have about a cup of some sort of vegetable and half of a small, plain baked potato.

I allow myself to have one drink besides water through out the day. Either one cup of coffee in the morning or a can of root beer. I didn't want to make this a miserable two weeks. I know I won't completely stick to it every single day but getting me started in the right direction is my goal. If I end up eating out one night at least I know my other meals were on track. Whereas before, every meal wasn't good for me. Once I'm done with these two weeks and sort of detox off having all that sugar and junk food, I'll start mixing things up and making healthy choices but I just needed a strict plan I could stick with to get me over the cravings. It is so much easier to do that with a meal plan and one that doesn't change up to much so I know exactly what I am supposed to be having without having to think to much about it. It also makes meal prep so much easier.

I got back on the app; My Fitness Pal. I wanted to see roughly how many calories I would be having a day with this plan and also it allowed me to see if I was going to far under or over on other things like fiber, cholesterol, sugar, ect. This is a really great app for those of you wanting to keep track of what you eat. It is super easy to use because it does all the work for you and you can even scan bar codes for everything.

It is something I go back to when ever I start over on this journey. I don't like using it on a daily basis because I don't want to obsess over calories. I want it to be more about nutrition. That isn't to say it isn't a great tool. You can put in a whole recipe and it will calculate all the nutrition facts for you. It allows you to track your weight loss and connect with friends.

I do still plan on working out but not so much. I really over did it one day and that set me back. I could barely walk for three days, my calves hurt so bad. I've already seen results from my new plan of action. I'm down a little on the scale and hope to see the five pound mark at the end of this month.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Playing Catch Up

Day four was to try a new healthy recipe. Since I couldn't find a new one I made one that I love. Chicken avocado lime soup. This soup has so much flavor and is super easy to make. You shred up some chicken, chop up the avocado and cilantro and set aside in separate bowls. For the soup you saute some green onion and a chopped tomato. Add the chicken broth and heat it up. Then you just assemble your bowl. Add chicken, avocado and cilantro to your liking. Add the broth and your ready to go.

Day five was arms. My only change with this workout was the full bridge. I can get up into one but I am not nearly as flexible as I once was and it pulled to much in my legs. Instead, I sat on my knees with my butt on my heels. Leaning back as far as I could to stretch out those same muscles.

Day six is the she's got legs workout. I didn't do this one but I am making it up today (day 9) along with the yoga I have scheduled. I've already done half of it and plan on doing the rest at Graysons next nap. The yoga I will do tonight with my husband. We had so much fun doing it last time and he has been such a great help this month. If I haven't gotten a workout in by the time he gets home he will watch the baby for me and give me the time to do it. He asks me everyday what I got going on and just generally keeps me motivated.

Day seven was learning how to do the splits in two weeks. It is just a few stretches to do daily. It might take me more than the two weeks but I plan on at least doing the two weeks. I won't cross that one off until the two weeks are done. Day eight is the core killer! Wasn't that bad really. I had to do the same thing with the bridge. Also, I take breaks in the minute planks but I pause the time and restart it so that I was still doing the full minute. They are both going onto my goals page.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Day Three

Day two's challenge was to do some yoga. After the baby went down for the night I headed to the living room. I used the Xbox to get on Youtube and look up a video. I talked my husband into trying it with me. I tried to find it on the laptop so I could share with you but I couldn't find it. We had a lot of fun doing it. My husband had me cracking up the whole time.

Day three was the create your own boot camp workout. You have to choose three upper body, three lower, two core and seven cardio. The only thing I had an issue with was the upper body. Since I am doing this all at home and have no equipment, I ran into the problem of only having two to choose from. I needed to either do one of those again or add something else. So I decided to add downward dog into upward dog.

I wasn't motivated at all last night to get it done. I also hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. I did 10 of the 15 and went to bed at eight. I am finish it up today because I am determined to get this whole month done.

Day four is making a healthy recipe. I looked for hours the other day for new recipes and came up with nothing so I will be making one I have tried before. I will share it with you all tomorrow. It is one of my favorite meals. It has so much flavor! I also went out and bought a digital scale. I have been wanting one for a while. We had a scale but a digital is much more accurate. I know it hasn't been much yet but I am super proud of myself for getting back into this and working towards a healthy life again.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hello Septemeber

As I mentioned, September is going to be the start of my 30 day challenge. I started the other day by posting all of my goals in a tab at the top to help me keep track. Yesterday I made another for my 30 day challenge. It is a ton of working out but I am motivated! Wish me luck.

When it comes to my goals, I have a lot and that is the way I like it. I love having things to work towards. My weight goals are in the five pound "small" goals with my lager goals being 160, 140 and 120. As for this month, my small goal is to lose five pounds and my large goal being ten pounds. My ultimate goal would be to finish everyday of the 30 day challenge.

Day one of my 30 day challenge was as follows:
Take before pictures- check.
Weigh in- check.
Make September goals- check.
Post 30 day challenge on the blog- check.
Find some healthy recipes- Tried.
Finish the 30 day challenge if I hadn't already- check.
Take measurements- check.

Day two is to do yoga. I plan on doing it tonight as the baby is being put to bed.