Sunday, November 8, 2015

I know... I lied!

I said I was back and then I dropped off the face of the planet. But let me explain.

My husband currently serves in the army. He was scheduled to deploy and we spent our time together. We were busy making as many memories as possible. We took our son to local places my husband went to as a child. We had a Thanksgiving dinner and put up our Christmas tree. Yeah it's early but I don't care what people say. I wanted my husband to be a part of our sons first Christmas. We spent as much quality time together as possible.

Now that we are starting to get into a groove without him here, it's time to focus on my goals again. I'm going to review the ones I already set and make the necessary changes. I will add my monthly goals also. I read something the other day that I wanted to share:

So here is the plan. I started off with 30 seconds of exercise. But for Krystal, she is a bit advanced already for that! So we started with a 15 minute walk. The idea is NOT to do exactly what you are capable of doing. Not to push yourself to the limits RIGHT AWAY. Trust me... there will be time to prove you can go 1 minute instead of 30 seconds. Time to prove you can go 30 minutes instead of 15. Time to prove you can go up that hill at the end of our block. But that's NOT what we are doing right now. Because right NOW... It is about forming a habit. A routine. That is what we are doing at first. And that is what we have to keep in mind. It's about forming habits. The exercise program can be tweaked later. Once it's become a part of your life. But at first, the idea is simple. DO IT. EVERY DAY. And when it's a habit, then you can worry about the rest.
Read the whole thing here.

I was looking for articles on sugar detox. I read that and loved it. Although the whole post wasn't what I was looking for, that paragraph holds a lot in it for me. I'll be setting my goals for this month around this principal.

Army Life

This is most definitely not a life style for everyone. I have to hand it to all the men and women who serve and all of the spouses who hold down the fort when they are gone. I was very apprehensive when I met my husband. I lived in a town right off of a military base and it felt like everyone you met was a part of the military in some way. I told him I wasn't interested in someone joining the army because I know myself well enough. I knew I would struggle with deployments. Next thing you know I fell in love with him and this became our reality.

When he left for basic training it was hard. Mostly because we spent everyday together and I could talk to him or see him whenever I wanted. While in basic I lived for his letters. He wrote me everyday! We occasionally got a ten minute phone call but for four months, he was gone. I did much better than I imagined and it gave me hope for the future.

Now here we are and he is gone. The past year and a half he has been gone plenty of times. Mostly for a week or two and once a whole month. This is different. He's deployed and I took it hard. Time flew the last month. The day came and went and I still haven't wrapped my head around it. I cried my eyes out. I know it will get easier as time goes on and we figure out our new normal. It's the little things that get you. I brought in a shirt he left in the car. It smelled just like him and instantly I was in tears.

Maybe this time is rough because I am not at home like I was for basic. I had all my family and friends around. This time around we have a six month old son. This time around he is going to war. This time around we've been living together for a year and a half. This time around I am not working. I have reminders of him every where I turn. The peanut butter crackers he loves in the pantry and laundry I still need to fold.

It's hard not knowing when I will get to talk to him next. But in all of this I have to think about how hard all of this is on him. He has to miss our son growing up for a while. He will miss his first Christmas and his first birthday. He won't get to see his son, wife, family or friends for a while. He doesn't have the luxury of getting to watch his football games or getting to eat what he would like. He has it harder than I. This is why I stay strong. For him! For my son. I don't want him to worry about us on top of every thing else.

This is definitely not the life I imagine living but it sure is a great life. Everyone has things they have to go through and so maybe ours is going to be pretty hard at times. But he is worth it, our family s worth it. The time apart just makes you not take for granted all the time you get together.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Grayson: Five Months!

Month five has been a crazy month to say the least. We started it off with getting your letter back from The White House! Who knew that sending them a birth announcement would get you a letter "signed' by the president and first lady? I thought it was really special and something that will make it into the baby book.

We've taken the baby food slowly. You got to have some a couple of times last month. This month you got to try a bunch of new fruits and vegetables. Your favorites seem to be sweet potatoes and green beans for vegetable and pears for fruits.

You have learned what the TV is all about and love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You actually take interest in football when it is on. I tell everyone you are going to be my little football star. You found your toes last month but it has become routine that every time I change your diaper you grab your feet and those cute little toes are in your mouth.

We decided to go to the pumpkin patch early this year for two reasons. The first we were going to be traveling into the middle of October and I didn't want it to be to cold when we got back for you to enjoy it. Secondly, your grandmother came in from Germany the day we got back and I wasn't sure what she had planned on doing while here. Old McDonald's Farm was a farm your father had been to as a child so it made it all the more special to be able to take you there. You got to pet and feed the goats which you thought was funny. You hated going into the chicken coop and actually started crying. You seen a reindeer and fed a calf. We stopped in the pumpkin patch and let you choose a tiny pumpkin of your own. All in all it was a great family day that I won't likely forget.

The rest of the month was filled with traveling and I mean lots of traveling! It was planned for us to go to Tennessee for your cousin Brodies first birthday and at the last minute your grandparents wanted us to come a couple days early so we could go to California. Your great great grandpa isn't doing so well and it will probably be the only time we would be able to make it out there to say our goodbyes. I left the house at 10 pm because you hate your car seat and I knew you would scream during the day. I met your grandpa in Pennsylvania when he got off work and finished the drive. It was a miserable trip for the adults who only got an hour or two of sleep. We didn't get to TN until three pm. Not sure why it took us so long but it wasn't fun.

We had the next day to do whatever and since I was home we had to go see Auntie Kerry on her day off which meant a late night for mommy. Those are hard to pull now because no matter what time I go to bed you are up at six. Then we were off to California. Longggg day as well. We left around your bedtime. It was your first flight so I was nervous but you did great. I chalk that up to being your bedtime so you slept and I kept you awake between flights. We flew into San Fransisco and still had a two or three hour drive to Sacramento. That was after we resolved the problem with the rental car! That was another night I got in bed around three am and was up with you early in the morning.

We had a family reunion while there. Lots of people we've never met but for it being another long day for you, you did great like always. It always surprises me how much of a people person you are because at home you aren't around that many people. But you never mind who holds you and love when anyone pays you attention. The one thing I looked forward to the most was the hotel pool. You are my water baby and love to float in the bath from day one. You even roll over and float on your belly in the tub. Just like I thought, you loved the pool. You are a natural and I want so badly to get you into some baby swimming classes. You got to meet my aunt Tammy for the first time on this trip. She used to live near everyone and I know she really wanted to meet you.

We had another long night flying home. Your cousin Brodie is a hoot. You were really interested in him but he only wanted to hit you. He also didn't like you playing with his toys. Ha! Ha! I still think you two will be best buddies when you get a little older. We got to celebrate his first birthday before heading home. It gets me so excited for your first birthday. Right before heading home we both got a cold... It was your first time being sick and yet again you surprised me. You didn't act any different from your happy little self.

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- I love you mommy.  

(Grayson wanted to help with the post, daddy translated.)

Friday, October 23, 2015

Grayson: Four Months!

My professional drooler. Your personality grows by the minute and I can already tell you are going to keep me on my toes. Speaking of toes, you found them and occasionally can get them in your mouth. You have also figured out how to spit and stick out your tongue. You are just as ticklish as your father and have the sweetest laugh. Growling is now a thing as well as yelling when you are upset. You get scared pretty easily and started waking up every hour or two at night again. You love your teething toy keys and your sock monkey blanket pet. You like to be in your swing again especially when it is in the kitchen so you can watch mommy make dinner. The TV has caught your attention. You like when daddy has sports center on in the morning. You hate sitting still for a diaper change and staying up past your bed time. You had your first bite of sweet potatoes which you wouldn't swallow. I can't blame you, they are nasty. You had your first shower and you loved the water falling down. You are working hard on getting your knees up under you and sitting up on your own. You are a strong, smart boy who brings so much happiness where ever you go. I love you baby boy.

What's new:

You got a jumper this month. I was surprised how quickly you learned to turn the pages on the book. I figured that part of it would take a minute to figure out but you are a smart boy. You have laughed before but I can get you giggling for a few minutes especially if it comes to tickling. We are still doing tummy time regularly and you love to play with peoples faces. We went to the zoo for the second time. This time you were old enough to enjoy it. You loved the aquarium part of it. The fish seemed to catch your attention. We had construction being done on the house this month, roofing and siding. That meant we had a lot of loud banging which made naps hard for you. You spent a lot of those in my arms or in my room with the fans on to drown out some of the noise.

Places you visited:

Thompson Park

Drive In

Syracuse Zoo


Still in 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers.