Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week Eighteen

December 7th- December 13th

This week he is the size of a sweet potato. 5.5 inches long and 5 ounces!

At the beginning of this week Justin got to feel the baby kick. I was laying on the couch with my hand on my stomach. When he moves I like putting my hand on him so I can try and feel it from the outside. I thought I did so I told Justin to come feel. He stopped moving altogether. Ha! Ha! Then just like that, the strongest kick I had felt and Justin got to feel it.

This week I started work on the baby registry. I'm not really sure if we are actually going to have a baby shower and with all of our family being all over the world, a registry is the easiest way to go. We are doing ours through amazon. It allows me to add items from anywhere. Having family in Germany and several different states, who don't all have the same stores, would have been a crazy amount of work on us. I also love the option of Amazon Prime. It saves money on my family and shipping fees. Especially because everything they buy will have to be shipped to us.

This week I've had hip pain at night. Made getting some restful sleep impossible. There is a positive side to this. I've finally been sleeping on my side. Sleeping on my stomach hasn't been an option in weeks but I have noticed I now fall asleep on my right side and switch to left on and off. Very rarely do I sleep on my back. The body just knows, I guess.

The picture above is almost identical to the one I did before. Even in the same outfit. I wanted to compare to my picture from almost a year ago. Side by side there is a big difference. I personally couldn't tell much of a difference by just looking in the mirror. This week we also bought the first item for our baby boy. His daddy love Khakis and this outfit just melted our hearts. The few things we have for him have all been gifted to us. With this being my fourth pregnancy, I've been holding off on buying anything but we are almost to the half way point. I'm ready to start getting everything in order for his big arrival. That nesting instinct is starting to kick in. I  can't wait for the second half of this pregnancy to go by as fast as this half did.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Week Seventeen

November 30th- December 6th

This week has been the complete opposite from last week. I had a full house for Thanksgiving. This week I have been the only one home! We knew Justin's family was leaving Sunday but Justin was supposed to have a class this week. It got canceled last minute so he ended up having to go to the range. That meant he left an hour later and didn't come home till late Thursday night then turned around Friday and had a 12 hour CQ shift. That's the military life. Needless to say I was a little bored this week.

Even though things slowed down this week I have two BIG things to announce. First is, we picked a name for our baby boy. This has been a tough one for us. Boy names were so much harder than picking a girl name. We had been playing around with this name for a while but I was the one holding off. Just couldn't commit until I had went over every possible name. Within reason. Ha. Ha. Justin was the one who actually chose the first name and I chose the middle name. Our sweet little guy will be named Grayson Scott Vandertang =)

Our other big news is being able to feel the baby move this week! A couple days into the week I was laying on the couch and felt it. I have been feeling a little something here or there but I have just been chalking it up to gas. Yes, the not so pretty things of pregnancy. The next day was the same thing. Laid on the couch after breakfast and could feel it again on the left side. Wednesday and on, there was no denying it. It was on and off all day long. He has been active since the first ultrasound so I knew he was going to be an active little guy. I can't wait for Justin to be able to feel him.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week Sixteen

November 23rd- November 29th

Thanksgiving week! The day all of us pregnant people have been looking forward to. Justin's family got here Tuesday and left Sunday morning. It was so nice having them here. On Wednesday I had a doctors appointment that my mother in law joined us for. We only heard the heartbeat at this appointment and it looked fine. I also got a flu shot... That night we had a "girls" night. Not exactly something I was looking forward to being pregnant but I tried to be a good sport. Justin's parents have been stationed here before so they have friends and family they wanted to see.

By the time we went to dinner my arm was killing me and I was so tired. If you know me than you know I'm not a social person to begin with unless I've known you a while. It was nice hearing all the stories about a younger mother in law but I really just wasn't feeling up to it. After dinner I headed home while they went to the bar. The next morning I woke up crazy sick. Dry heaved because I didn't have anything on my stomach. Was sick most of the day but was keeping food down by the time dinner was ready.

The rest of the week was was nice but still a hard week for me. Black Friday shopping and headaches everyday. Very exhausted. My husband was a jerk on top of it all and having to entertain was just not what I wanted to be doing this week. Even through it all I really enjoyed having his family here. They were very understanding and just great people to have around. Justin's mom brought some things that were Justin's as a baby and I gotta say it was the sweetest thing. His grandma brought us a car that was his a while back before we found out it was a boy. Something he could sit on and scoot around. I had a similar one as a kid that was a bus. Love having these things around for our baby.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Week Fifteen

November 16th- November 22nd

At the end of week fourteen I finally made my way home after three weeks back in Tennessee. For the most part Tennessee was warm and sunny and I came home to snow! It snowed for days. We got about a foot here. My first snow up north. I know I've said it before but I hate the cold. Anyone who says they love it is a liar! Ha, ha.

I had been asked a few times about my belly and honestly I hadn't been able to tell much of  a difference between flab and an actually baby belly until week fifteen hit. I could feel it getting firmer but it wasn't round yet and I hadn't even wanted to take a picture despite the requests. Well here is my week fifteen belly =)

I'm pretty excited about it and can't stop touching it. I know I mentioned having to go up a cup size but honestly I think I will be going up again within the next month or so. Food! I feel like eating all the time. I've been craving donuts and black olives. I am to excited for Thanksgiving. Have y'all tried the new Yoplait Apple Crisp yogurt? It is absolutely amazing. If you like yogurt then go buy some the next time you go grocery shopping.

We have family coming in from Germany next week and since they will be here for Thanksgiving, Justin and I decided to put up our Christmas tree early. We wanted it to be a special thing we could do together for our first Christmas in on our own. Below you can see a picture of the frames we bought for family. I wanted something a little special to send the family over the holidays. We also got a few items from my cousin for the baby. I can't wait to start buying things and decorating the nursery.