Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Weather Permitting

The weather has been a hit or miss around here lately. One day it's bright and sunny and the next it pours all day. Saturday was such a nice day outside. We went to the park and let Grayson play  around for a while. I also got to play around with my camera. My husband got me a new lens I've been eye-balling for a while now. Our anniversary is coming up and my gift got here early.

After the park, we stopped for ice cream and got the little guy home for a nap. After his nap it was off to the pool! I didn't swim this time because I had a new lens! Ha! Ha! Of course I had to see what I could do at the pool. 

Sunday it poured all day long and it's was windy with a few sprinkles of rain on Monday. This morning I was up at 4 a.m. to take my husband to work. It was rough staying awake until Grayson was ready for his first nap. But I napped when he did and have done a workout today. So it hasn't been a total waste of a day. The weather doesn't look to be getting better tomorrow either but Thursday through Saturday we will make up for all the rain.

Mountainfest is coming up! Lee Brice is headlining. So many fun things coming up. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

Yesterday's Challenge

Yesterday's challenge is today's workout! I posted this to my Facebook yesterday and the results are in.

Today and tomorrow I'll be doing:
80   crunches
40   push ups
10   squats
0     burpees (thank god)
0     planks but I'm adding in a minute just because.
10   Russian twists.

Wish me luck and feel free to post it as a challenge for yourself.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Starting Fresh

It's June! Another month is here and time to start fresh with some new goals. Last month I did not complete my exercise goals. This month I'd like to focus more on that. 

My small goal: Swimming. Our pool just opened up for the season and I want to take full advantage of that.

My main goal: Exercise 8x this month. Two times a week is a reasonable start.

My ultimate goal: Get out of the house more. We have only one car which means my husband usually has it at work. This month I plan on getting the stroller out of the car and leaving it here so we can go for walks, go to the pool, playground, ect. I have a few plans this month like strawberry picking that I've been dying to do. They should be ready in a week or so

My husband will be in the field yet again.  It's hard doing it all on my own but I'm working on finding things to fill up our week with fun things to keep us busy. My in-laws will be coming out for a week this month! I love my in-laws so this is exciting. I also love the warmer weather and am looking forward to all this summer has coming up.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Review of goals.

I started this month with three goals; blog eight times, meal prep for two weeks and workout eight times. This will be post number ten! One goal down. 

As for the meal prep... I made a good effort. I hit a few snags like a power outage and my son getting really sick. All in all I stuck to it way better than I originally thought I would. I have done all the dinner except two that I still plan on making. It's been fun trying new recipes with my husband and finding things he really enjoys. I made the stuffed shells and apparently that meal was Facebook status worthy in the words on my sweet husband.

Aa I mentioned, my son got pretty sick this last week. He had his 12 month wellness check up on a Friday. He ended up getting four shots, one of which was the chicken pox. My husband left for the field super early Monday and wasn't home until late Wednesday night. Monday I had noticed a few spots on the back of his neck and around his ears before putting him to bed. Tuesday he woke up with more mostly on his back and some on his chest. I watched the rash all day and kept an eye on his temperature. He felt warm and slept most of the day. So Wednesday arrived and I decided to take him in. The rash was now all over his body and you could tell he was miserable. 

They didn't seem worried about the rash. Said it was most likely a viral infection. They tested for strep and checked his ears. I was thinking he might have had a reaction to the chicken pox because both the rash and fever are possible side affects. Was told to just let it run its course. We gave him Tylenol for the fever but the poor guy would just lay on me all day and then when he would nap it'd be for four hours.

When my husband returned home from work on Thursday, we noticed he was looking a little blue. He gave him a bath because it was almost bed time for the little guy but when he got out I looked at him and decided we should take him in again to check his oxygen levels. When it was all said and done he was fine but his fever was still going up. We were put on a strict four hour schedule for the Tylenol.

At about 4 a.m. it had reached 103.1. But as the day went on it kept going down and he started feeling better and better. Finally feeling himself again this past Sunday. As you can see my goals have taken a back seat. My son comes first and I'm okay with the idea of not finishing up my goals for something like that.

As far as the workouts go. I have gotten down on the floor while my son is playing and done push-ups, crunches and butterfly kicks but I guess I don't really consider that a workout. My husband is out again this week and as soon as he gets back we are headed to Philadelphia. I will be attempting to get a few full workouts in to say I at least tried but at this point I don't think I'll be getting the full eight in unless I do two a day.

With my husband being gone, in the evenings after Grayson has gone to bed, I plan to use that time to catch up on the monthly posts for Grayson. I had my husband help me figure out my hard drive and I'll be organizing pictures and getting those added. If all of that gets done I can finally start back up on his baby book!! Now that he's a year old I want so badly to finish it and get it printed.