Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week Twenty Nine

February 22nd- February 28th

This week my little baby boy is measuring 17 inches and 2.9 pounds. This last half of my pregnancy is just flying by and I love that! I can't wait to see his chubby little face and hold him in my arms.

This week has been a real roller coaster. Sunday and Monday I spent my time packing up and saying goodbye to everyone back in Tennessee. Tuesday I drove the 15 hours back to New York! By myself... To top it off I had started feeling sick the day before. It was the longest drive of my life. Wednesday was another long day. I was miserably sick and our heat went out in the house. Lucky enough for me, we own an electric heater. Thursday came along and I was feeling much better. I got out and shoveled the walkway so maintenance could come fix my heat. I went through all the baby clothes we got and put them in groups for each size and got them all folded. Found out he doesn't need anymore newborn or 0-3. People went crazy on the clothes.

Friday and Saturday I was back to being sick. Friday the sinus pressure was horrible. My throat was dry from having to breathe through my mouth which became very painful as the day went on. Saturday it turned into a runny nose and sneezing every two minutes. My nose hurt from blowing it so much and I'm sure you momma's out there know all about sneezing while farther along in pregnancy. We got a few packages in the mail this week. I love when we get things for Grayson!

My mom ordered him a Baltic amber teething necklace. So many of my friends and family swear by them. I am pretty excited to see how well it works. I have also been working on a wedding photo album online. My original plan was to give it to my husband for our one year anniversary because the traditional anniversary gift for the first year is paper. I've been working on it for months, on and off and while in Tennessee I finished it. They had a deal going on at the time so I ended up ordering it. I had a few other paper ideas for our anniversary. I'm not worried about coming up with something special. The wedding album turned out perfect! I designed everything. I can't wait for Justin to get home on Monday and be able to look through it with me.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week Twenty Eight

February 15th- February 21st

We have made it to the third trimester! I can't believe it. After three failed pregnancies, God has blessed us with this perfect baby boy and not a day goes by that I don't give thanks to Him. I am officially seven months now and things are finally looking up. It's been a rough start this year. Not just for us but for a lot of people in my family. I will just keep pushing through no matter what happens. That's just who I am though...

This week I still hadn't heard anything back from my doctor about my glucose test I took on the third so I decided to give them a call. As I had hoped, no call means no bad news. They said I passed I believe with a score of 112. This week was also supposed to be my 28 week check up but since I am still out of town I have that scheduled for the fifth. I'm sure I'll know more information then about my test.

New cravings this week. I don't get very many during this pregnancy but when I do, they seems to be my every thought. This week was ice chips and laundry detergent. Let me start by saying NO, I do not crave detergent to eat but the smell of it is heavenly. The ice chips started with a trip to Chic-fil-a. I hate that when you order water with a meal, every place wants to give you such a tiny cup. Just because I order water doesn't mean I am any less thirsty than the person ordering a soda! But they didn't ask a size and I didn't think to specify. After finishing my tiny cup of water I decided to munch on the ice. It was downhill from there.

I ended up at sonic a few times, ordering a water just for the ice. Then last night I remembered we had someone living in the house who worked there! You bet I asked her to bring home a cup of ice when she got off. I didn't realize it would be midnight and I had just, finally, fallen asleep. She was sweet though and brought me a large, packed full of ice. You bet I stayed up and enjoyed it.

How many of you have heard of the Amber teething necklaces? So many people swear by them. You can see the one we ordered above. Since being in Tennessee, I've got to spend some quality time with my nephew. He's four months now and chews on fingers all day long. Might have to get him one and see how he likes it. In the picture to the left, we were watching Bones on Netflix. He watched the entire episode with me. Was pretty shocked but I think he liked the show. Ha! Ha! He is an absolute doll. Makes me want these next three months to hurry by. I've never seen a baby wake up the way he does. He takes all of two seconds to wake up and realize whats going on and then he gets the biggest grin on his face every time. He wakes up so happy. He will sit and talk with you for thirty minutes with the biggest grin on his face. It is precious.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Week Twenty Seven

February 8th- February 14th

This week was pretty exciting. Sunday and Monday we spent most of our time catching up with family and getting everything we needed for the baby shower. The theme was circus! I loved it. We had cotton candy, candy apples, caramel apples and Chic Fil A. I am so in love with my circus cake. It turned out exactly how I had imagined and it tasted really good. I'm not really the type who enjoys baby showers or having all the attention on me but I guess it's different when it's your own baby shower. We played a few games like guess who, from everyone's baby pictures, my personal favorite.

Then came the gifts. I can't believe how much we got. I am so grateful to everyone. I was stressing a little beforehand. Everyone kept telling us not to buy to much before the baby shower but as the weeks started counting down, it became hard for me not to focus on what I needed to get just in case he came early. Especially when you see on the May boards that a few women started having babies already!

I'm sure glad we waited though. We got pretty much everything! I can't wait to take it all home with me and actually take it out of boxes and get his room set up. There is only a handful of things left that we need. I'll get that when we get home and we will be ready for this bundle of joy!

We also had an HD ultrasound scheduled this week. We got there and they didn't have us in the system. Come to find out my step mom scheduled it for March not February. They had us wait around for the next person to show and guess what? They didn't! We got in for our appointment but Grayson wasn't having it. He was sleeping. He kept one arm up by the side of his head and the other by his mouth. We got a few seconds where he turned for the camera but it was still really neat getting to see him in such detail. They did a free reschedule since he wasn't cooperating. My dad made it to the first one but had to fly out for work. We rescheduled for the next day that way my mom could get to be there before she flew back home. I did it in the morning because that is when he is most active. He did better this time. He showed us his little face more but still not as much as the tech would've liked. We got to see him yawn, smile, open his eyes and even swallow. All in all it was a great experience.

The rest of the week slowed down and I got to catch up on some much needed rest. My sleep pattern has been really weird the past couple weeks. I ended the week with some maternity clothes shopping. What girl doesn't love new clothes?

Week Twenty Six

February 1st- February 7th

My mom is here from Arizona! Big change for her. She is used to that 70' weather back home and here we were lucky to get above 0'. She doesn't get snow back home and of course, it decided to snow the entire time she was here. It made it really hard to get out and about and show her anything. She insisted on doing most of the snow shoveling. As you can see from the picture, our mountain next to the driveway is now taller than the both of us.

I had my glucose test done on the third. Still waiting on the results from that. No news is good news, right? We decided to use our time indoors wisely. Mostly watching Bones on Netflix. Ha! Ha! We did get a few things in order for the baby shower. I worked on making a guest finger print page with a yellow umbrella. At our wedding we had a blue french horn that people signed for our guest book. If you don't know what a blue french horn and yellow umbrella have in common then you need to watch How I Met Your Mother! like immediately. I loved the idea of having something connect these two huge events in our lives.

My mom ordered this absolutely adorable outfit for Grayson! We found it on Etsy. We found all kinds that offered the pants and hat combo. When she found a set that came with a hat, shirt and pants we were sold. They are customizable, so the hat and shirt will have his last name. I cannot wait to see how his newborn pictures turn out!

We left New York on Thursday. It was the only day it wasn't supposed to snow. We had to make a pit stop in Rochester so I had my mom try Bill Grey's for lunch. We drove for the rest of the day finally stopping in Ohio. I ended up driving the whole thing. By choice, but I wanted to make sure I would be good on my trip home. The next day we made it to Tennessee. I was never so happy to be out of a car!