Monday, March 30, 2015

Week Thirty Three

March 22nd- March 28th

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This week was exhausting to say the least. Honestly we really didn't do much at all. My sleep on the other hand is all over the place. At night I toss and turn. As soon as I lay down I get congested and can't breathe. I get up about every hour to an hour and a half to pee. I can only sleep on one side for so long before my hip and shoulder starts to hurt. I actually read something and posted it to my Instagram a while back because it made me laugh and fits my life so well right now.

On top of not sleeping at night, I am so tired during the day that I take one or two naps just to feel normal and function. I think it is safe to say I have reached that stage in this pregnancy where I am uncomfortable all the time and ready to meet my little one. I feel like he is so big already. Making it hard to breathe during the day. His moving is now uncomfortable but I am sure going to miss that feeling.

This week we got our maternity pictures back! I was beyond excited to see how they turned out. I wanted to do them in the snow. This being our first year up north and actually having a winter, I thought it was the perfect way to document this time in our lives. We may have done them a few weeks before everyone else seems to be doing them but I am sure glad we did because the snow has since melted.

I love our pictures! I can't stop looking at them. I probably won't be going back to the same photographer for the newborn pictures but all in all I was happy with our experience. I had mentioned not being a huge fan of black and white photos and we received half of our pictures in black and white... We printed a couple of for the nursery and I keep catching my husband walking into the room and just looking around. I know he is so excited and it is beyond adorable. I like going in there for the rocking chair because I am much more comfortable. Daddy also has to have the nursery door open. I've closed it a few times but he insists on being able to see it. He melts my heart. My boys are my world.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Week Thirty Two

March 15th- March 21st

Ahhh! Seriously another cold... Started at the beginning of this week and lasted the whole week. It was miserable. Mostly because I hate taking medicine as it is but being pregnant I am even more cautious about what I take. I tried my best to tough it out with as little as possible. I've decided I shouldn't visit people until the baby is born. Ha! Ha! The first time I got a cold, I was leaving Tennessee when my brother got sick right before I left. This time we got it after visiting family in Rochester. I also think this is the first time my husband and I have ever been sick at the same time. That was interesting.

Last week we had maternity pictures done. The next day we got sent these little gems. Said they weren't polished up yet and that it wasn't the official sneak peek but I love looking at them. We were told we would have the sneak peek in a day or two and the link to all the pictures by the end of the week but we haven't heard anything all week.

I have avoided having heartburn this whole pregnancy but this week it has showed up a few times. I can't complain, I've had a really easy pregnancy. I officially can't wear my wedding rings anymore, which makes me very sad! I absolutely adore my rings. My husband, being the sweetheart that he is, went into his jewelry and pulled out the ring I got him for our first Christmas. We had bought each other just a simple band engraved with our names and the date we started dating. Promise rings. I thought that was the sweetest gesture. I love that I get to wear something that still means so much to us.

This week we had another appointment. I got my TDAP shot and went over some birth control options. I've got some research to do on those but if any of you have any experience with ones you loved or hated feel free to comment and let me know. I will be trying to breastfeed. Not sure if that makes any difference when it comes to birth control and I won't be doing the pill. Simply because I won't remember to take it everyday.

Generally speaking, we have the baby room done. I snapped a few pictures and made a collage to share with the family. We're waiting for the maternity pictures to put in the frames and I still have no idea what to put on his shelves. I do have one area that we will be turning into a little book area. I just can't seem to find the shelves I'm looking for. Target had some in white but that doesn't go with the color scheme. They have a lip on them to keep pictures from falling off. I found the idea on Pinterest to use those for books instead. Justin and I are both readers and plan on reading to Grayson often. We hope that he will pick up a habit of reading.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week Thirty One

March 8th- March 13th

This week we've been trying to get some of the bigger things done. We received a pack n' play and the Boba wrap off our registry. Justin hasn't wanted much as far as "things" but the pack n' play was the one thing he's been talking about since we made the registry. As soon as it arrived he wanted to set it up. I think he is starting his nesting. Ha! Ha! We picked out a rocking chair and since I've been doing all of the assembling, I let Justin contribute. It was pretty nice having him involved.

The newborn outfit we ordered came in this week! it is beyond adorable. I must say I don't know how I feel about ordering from Etsy again though. We had asked for the hat to be 0-3 months and the clothes in a newborn size for his pictures. They arrived and all were 0-3 months. Tried contacting the seller but no reply after a week. We had contacted her about sending it to New York instead of Tennessee and she said as long as it hadn't shipped it would doable. It didn't ship until two weeks later but still was shipped to Tennessee. We went to Rochester for the weekend and since the shopping is slim to none here we decided to hit up Babies R Us. We found an adorable outfit that daddy picked out.

While in Rochester, visiting family, we were showered with even more cute gifts for our little one. A custom sock monkey blanket is the perfect addition to his ever growing stash of blankets and the mini sock monkey blanket is just adorable. It was said that we needed to have a crib animal that plays music along with baby monitors. He is one spoiled baby by everyone for sure! When we got home we worked on getting it all put away and assembling some more. We got the stroller built and put away for now and the car seat is ready to be installed when needed. I started work on the diaper bag for when the time comes to go to the hospital but I still need to pack a few more things for him. The replacement parts for the crib drawers that were broken when delivered finally made it here this week as well. The crib is finally complete. We still have a little work to do in his room but for the most part we are done and it is pretty exciting to see it all coming together.

I still a few things for his shelves and taking maternity pictures this next week to go in the frames. I want to do a separate shelving area for books. Besides stocking up on the essentials like diapers, wipes and shampoo, all the rest is decorative. Time is coming up quick and I am just excited more than anything.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week Thirty

March 1st- March 7th

Our little guy is now over three pounds! Only ten weeks left (or less) until we meet our baby. This week has been really nice. Finally feeling better and Justin is home! I spent a lot of time getting all the things from the baby shower taken out of boxes and put together. We worked on getting the nursery together.
Sneak peek to the left. Don't mind the mess on the dresser. The shelves, however, had to be the worst part of his nursery! I had such a hard time with these. I am the handy man around our house. I put together all the furniture in the house, including that dresser, the crib and even simple repairs. I got the first shelf perfect and the picture frame. Then on to the next shelf and I just couldn't get it right. Moved on to the next and messed it up royally. After getting frustrated, I gave up. Justin saved the day. He got the last one up and I came in to watch. I tend to not ask for help but I forget we make a really good team when it comes to things like this. We came up with a trick to help fix the other shelf. All in all it came out just how I had imagined.

After getting everything put together and put away, we went shopping for the rest of the little things we needed. My sister had tried to breastfeed/pump but it wasn't for her. She had a Medela pump that was hardly used that she gave to me. I bought all new parts for it but had no instruction manual. So this week I cleaned up the bag, found the manual online and got it all put together. The manual allowed me to learn how to use it.

The fifth was also my check up. Nothing exciting this week. Heartbeat was good and my belly measured right on track. I did mention having some tailbone pain. My Dr. suggested I start wearing my pregnancy belt he had given me to help with the extra weight of the belly.

I've been curious about whether or not my hospital allows water laboring or water birth. To me, the idea of getting into a tub while having contractions sounds relaxing. I've never really cared much for baths except during times of bad cramps or now while pregnant. I brought it up at my appointment. My Dr. wasn't to thrilled about me asking. He did say they had tubs for laboring but we are not allowed to birth in the water. I hadn't wanted to birth in the water so it was nice to hear we could labor in a tub. I also got a packet for the hospital giving us all the information about their procedure and some preregister paperwork. It is all coming up so quickly but I am excited. I asked my husband if it was weird that I am not nervous at all. I know it is going to hurt but I am not scared.
This week I felt baby Grayson hiccup for the first time. It was adorable. I have now felt it a couple times.