Monday, September 15, 2014


This year has been a big one for me to say the least.
Justin proposed before he left for basic training. He was gone for four months. While in basic he found out he was being stationed at Ft. Drum, New York! I am a southern girl. Never lived anywhere north of Tennessee. Oh yeah, and I hate the cold...
While Justin was in basic I planned a small wedding for June 16th. He graduated the 13th in Missouri. After the wedding we had about a week to make our way to New York. We packed as much as we could up in our car and drove the crazy long way to our new home. This is my first experience with the military, so I'm pretty clueless. Learning each day. Justin on the other hand was a military brat all the way around. His mother, father, step mother and step father were all once part of the military.

Since we didn't have the time to come to New York and actually look at the housing on base and off, We blind accepted a place on base. I had no idea what to expect. Like I said I am completely new to this. The house we got is actually an apartment type building. Four homes, two on bottom and two on top. I am 25 years old. I have done my fair share of time living in apartments. Especially after being in my own house with a big back yard. The apartment was a bummer. Mostly just having someone live over me again making noise all hours of the night. We got really lucky though. The streets are in loops and we ended up at the back of the loop. That means we have nobody on the one side of us. It is just a big field and across the road is a small play ground. We got a bottom unit which means we have a small fenced in area and our garage is directly across from our front door. No getting wet in the rain. Yay!
I actually don't mind the place. It's a two bedroom with plenty of storage for the two of us or should I say three!!! We are expecting a baby this May.

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