Monday, October 20, 2014

Week Ten

October 12th-October 18th

This week we were out of town on Sunday. Justin had his birthday the day before so we were in Rochester with family. Sunday we had decided to go see his grandmother and while there we were feeling a little spontaneous. I had mentioned going to Niagra Falls when we were so close to it. (only an hour away) I haven't switched over my last name on my passport since I got married. That has been holding us back because we would like to go on to the Canada side. Even without it we had so much fun! It was a beautiful day outside.

Wednesday we had our second OB/GYN appointment. I was nervous for this one. In the past I've have heard the heartbeat before and go in for an ultrasound the next time and nothing. It was getting the best of me so the day before I used the doppler and heard a heartbeat. It helped my nerves but even so, when I got into the room and it was time to find it, I had some major anxiety. Everything went smoothly. This ultrasound has to be my favorite out of any I've had done. Not only did we see a perfectly healthy looking baby and a good heartbeat but the baby was moving around like crazy. That is a first for me. The doctor said it had its arms up like it was boxing and not two seconds after he said that it looked like the baby made a couple of punches. I haven't been that emotional during this pregnancy but every time I think back to this day I get teary eyed.

Symptoms and Cravings:

This week has been the same when it comes to symptoms. I have nausea after breakfast lasting from one to three hours. I get really tired if I am out and about being active. This week I have been feeling like I am starving all the time! I don't eat a lot in one sitting but I am hungry more frequently. I read that is a sign of the nausea subsiding so lets hope that is what it is. As far as cravings I haven't had any like I have with my last two but I hate to say I'm being so clique with the whole pickle thing. I ate a huge jar in two weeks and these hot mamas I find at the gas station are crazy hot but so damn good. Another first in this pregnancy is finding things I loved that I now don't like. Black olives at Subway.. I am curious if I like them any other way. Also this sour cream ranch dip for veggies. Loved it!! Now all I taste is the sour cream.

With my last pregnancy, I found this app called what to expect. I'm sure many of you have heard of the book: What To Expect When You Are Expecting. I love this app and looked into getting the book but the app does so much more. They give you the same information but each week I can watch a video of what my baby looks like and what is happening with it. Not only that but they give daily tips for things that are happening at that exact stage along with group boards. The boards are the reason I love the app. You get signed up for the month you are expected to give birth in when you put in your due date. Everyone on the board is within a week or so of you. It is really nice in the beginning when you aren't telling anyone but you can talk with all these women who are going through the exact same things you are. I didn't realize how common some of my symptoms were and all the information is great. It was interesting to see how many other women were also taking progesterone. Everyone shares their announcements and ultrasound pictures. Talk about their crazy dreams and how the husband and in-laws are taking it. Just a nice supportive community of women going through the same things.

With our last pregnancy, I got my husband a book called; Dude, You're Gonna Be A Dad! He loved it and it seems to be his go to during this pregnancy as well. Since we have heard the heartbeat twice at the Dr. and a few times at home with the doppler the next big goal for us is finding out the gender! I am so impatient. I've looked at all the old wives tales and a good majority point to a girl but I know they are just for fun. I am going home soon and have a 3D ultrasound scheduled. My sister found out at 15 weeks with them. It was clear as day what she was having. I am going in just a couple days before I hit 15 weeks. I am hoping the baby cooperates and we can find out on the 11th. If not it will still be a fun thing to do with all my family and my bestie will be there. I love the way those ultrasounds look. It is crazy the amount of details you can see. Justin's mom, brother and step dad are coming for Thanksgiving from Germany. We could choose from the last week in November and the first week in December for our next Dr. appointment so we went ahead and scheduled it when they would be here so they would also get to see the baby. That just leaves my mom and Justin's dad out. I'm still trying to figure out a way for them to get to see the baby to.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Week Nine

October 5th-October 11th

Week nine has been full of fun stuff. The biggest difference is how great I've been feeling! The only symptom is a little bit of nausea after breakfast. At the beginning of this week my sister also had her baby! Three weeks early. I already had my ticket to go home around her due date so I will get to see him soon.

On Sunday I had reached nine weeks and tried once again to find the heartbeat. Took me a few minutes but I found it!! I had heard the heart beat last at 6 weeks 5 days. Given my history, waiting a month to hear it again was going to be really hard. Especially when I was used to losing the baby by that time.

Justin had been gone all of week eight and half of week nine. That's life in the military. Actually he got to come home last week for our paperwork appointment. He got home on Wednesday and had the rest of the week off. He hadn't heard the heartbeat yet with the at home doppler so I did it once more for him. The look on his face was priceless.

His birthday was also Saturday. We celebrated a little all week. Olive Garden one night, cake another night. I surprised him with trick candles. It was pretty funny. We went to Rochester to spend time with his aunt and uncle and they took us to Mexican! We had also bought pumpkins. This was for our pregnancy announcement. We had planned on announcing Wednesday the 15th. I had painted the pumpkins and set up the picture. Justin said he wanted to go ahead and announce because we were both excited seeing it all come together and lets face it, I'm a pushover! Plus I was excited as well.

                                                    So here is our announcement picture!

Week Eight

September 28th-October 4th

The first half of this week was miserable. The all day nausea kicked my butt. The second half was so much better. I only felt sick after breakfast for about two hours. My sleeping habits have been hard to change. I can't get comfortable unless I am on my back. I know in the second trimester I should be sleeping on my side only so I've been trying to get in the habit of it. At the beginning of this week I woke up with my back hurting pretty badly after laying on my side... Is it to early for a body pillow?

In addition to hurting my back the first day of the week I was also having major cramps the first two days, with no more spotting. As if anything else could be added to that I had picked up some Activia. Heard it was great during pregnancy when you're backed up. I had one that morning with my breakfast and yes it did work wonderfully. Maybe it is just a coincidence but I felt horrible sick afterwards. I was at the toilet thinking I would 100% be throwing up for the first time this pregnancy.

Tuesday I had an appointment at my OB/GYN to do some paperwork.This was close to the time I had lost two previous babies so I asked for a heartbeat check but had no luck. I was sent for lab work afterwards. Just your typical iron, HIV tests ect. Seven tubes of blood and a urine test. I've passed out after four tubes so I was really nervous going in. This lab has wonderful people though. Been three times in the past month and I hardly feel it. I had asked for wet paper towels before we started and brought water but I never needed it.

On Friday, my home doppler arrived in the mail. It was my sisters and my mom thought I could use it during this pregnancy. My sister found a heartbeat at nine weeks and with only being two days from that, I tried to find ours but no luck. I wasn't worried though. It was still really early.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Week Seven

September 21st-27th 

Oh the cravings. With my second I craved mustard. With my third it was Chic-fil-a. I loved their chicken. Got either the nuggets or sandwich and a fruit cup. Craved it enough that I received a gift card to Chic-fil-a for Christmas. This time around it has been more of a food aversion. I always want cold stuff. It settles on my stomach better. I actually let my dinner sit and get cold one night before eating it. I fell in love with Luigi's Lemon Italian Ice. The lemon helps with my nausea and the cold settles on my stomach so much better.

Before getting pregnant I was a coffee drinker. Loved my coffee. In the month that I've know I was pregnant I have only had three cups and usually I didn't drink the whole thing. A few sips and I was satisfied. I bought these candies to help with the cravings in the beginning: Werther's Original Caramel Coffee hard candies. They are really good if you love coffee

Once again I started spotting at the end of the week. I called the OB and they said if it got heavy to go to the hospital but it lightened up each time I used the bathroom and the next day it was only once in the morning that I seen blood. I did some more reading. When I freak out about the pregnancy I always pray and then do some research. He always has a way of calming me down with just one article. This time I came across one that listed all the reasons for bleeding: Eptopic (already had my ultrasound), Sex (None, my husband refuses since I'm high risk), Lifting (N/A), lots of activity (been taking it very easy since the day I found out I was pregnant), Miscarriage (always a possibility) and one I hadn't heard before.

It said some people don't produce enough hormones. This has been the case with me many times. Although this time I've always tested where I needed to be. As a result at four, eight and twelve weeks, when you normally get your period, you may see some light spotting and some period like cramping. This just made sense to me. The first time I spotted was right when I found out I was pregnant (4 weeks) and now only two days from being 8 weeks.