Saturday, August 29, 2015

Workout Partner

It is really hard trying to find enough time in the day to get everything I want to get done, done. While the baby is awake I'm am entertaining him. He is in the middle of a growth spurt that has made his sleeping regress from waking only three times a night to almost every hour again. He feels like he needs to nap in my arms and all around has been a little fussy.

To try and get some workouts in this week, I have been having him be my workout partner and he thinks it's funny. I do anything from squats in front of a mirror while holding him to crunches with him sitting on my stomach. I do some hip raises with him sitting on me and what I like to call the superman. I put him on my shins while I lay back and hold my legs at a 90 degree angle. Whatever works, right?

My side project has been his baby book. I am just trying to get it caught up to where we are currently. That way I am just having to put in his monthly page and the occasional holiday page. I am making one for my sister for Christmas. I haven't done much work on it yet. I'm just adding the pictures and not decorating each page like I am with Grayson's. He turns a year old in October so I will have all the pictures I need by then and hopefully get it finished pretty quickly.

Monthly Pictures. Baby book.
Life will be changing up again for all of us. Justin will be gone for nine months. This means I will be moving back home to Tennessee. I plan on going to school for that time and get my degree about the same time he gets home. I will be saving up a decent chunk of money because lets face it I am really good at not spending money. Justin on the other hand... Ha! Ha! When he gets home we talked about going on a vacation after being apart for so long. We both knew exactly where we wanted to go because we've talked about it a million times. So come this time next year we will be going to Harry Potter World in Florida! On top of that we will have a decent chunk to put away for Grayson and will be getting a second car. On top of all that, it will be pretty close for us to be PCSing again. Meaning we will be stationed somewhere else.

I have actually loved being in New York. I told Justin it has been the perfect first place for us. It was really the only place where we had family not to far away. I love getting to travel and trying new things. It is a little harder now that we have a child because we would love to be home around a majority of our family but at the same time we would like to get the random places done now before Grayson starts school. We go back and forth on whether or not the military will be a career choice of just a stepping stone. Justin will be starting school while he is gone. He has always planned on getting his degree while in the Army. Financially it is a great idea. We would also like to have one more child while he is still serving because our health insurance covers everything. After that though we might just go home and settle down and buy a house.

Just a few pictures of the baby book. I've got pages for each trimester, the baby shower, each monthly update, his birth story and the Fourth of July. It takes a lot of work because I'm a perfectionist but it will all be worth it in the end.

Monday, August 24, 2015

My Weekend

As part of getting back into things, this weekend I wanted to get things in order for next month. I've been working on finishing up the 30 day challenge that starts on the first. Looks like I will be doing it on my own but I'm pretty excited to get started. In addition, I've been making a new list of all my goals, big and small. Once I finish them both I will be making a separate tab at the top to help keep track.

My husband has been getting into this whole thing as well and started working out in the evenings. It really helps to motivate me, seeing him get into it. We went to the park this weekend for lunch and a walk with the stroller. I've been wanting to take Grayson out for walks in the neighborhood but they are doing so much construction that it is near impossible.

Today's Workout:

My abs are a little sore today so I wanted to focus on arms today. Just waiting on the little guy to go down for a nap and I'll get started.
Arm workout -for the home

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

I'm Back

That's right guys. I am back to blogging.
Yes, I have been posting updates on my little guy but that has been more for his baby book than anything else.

A few years ago, I was really committed to blogging for a purpose. Losing weight. Once I reached my goals and life became busy, I left the blog behind. It served me well but once I reached my goals I really didn't know where to go with it. Along with everything else, working, getting married, almost adopting a baby, moving to New York, becoming a military wife and having a child of my own, it just didn't fit into my life at the time. Now that I have adjusted to life here in New York, I have a routine figured out with the baby and I have the time, I want to get back into one of my old enjoyments.

After having the baby, I felt great after four weeks. I wanted to work out so badly and get this baby weight off. But I waited until my six week check up that was actually more like eight weeks. By that time I had lost the motivation and was headed to Tennessee for two weeks. I said when I got home I would get back on track but would just enjoy my vacation. It just wasn't there. You can't force the motivation so it took me a while to find it.

About a two weeks ago, all these ladies on Facebook had been talking about wanting to workout and needing motivation. For some reason this kicked my butt into gear. I asked how many ladies would be interested in having a place to get together and post workouts, recipes, challenges ect. to help motivate each other. I got a great response. I went ahead and made a Facebook page and it has been really hard getting people to interact. Which brings me back here. This blog really kept me motivated and I had people to hold me accountable.

It was suggested I start a challenge where people can chip in $5 and the winner at the end of the month won all the cash. So I went ahead and made a 30 day challenge. Here is what I posted:

Starting on the first I will be doing a 30 day challenge for anyone who wants to join! It will be a $10 buy in and I'm asking for five people to join for it to get started. For every five people who join there will be a $50 gift card prize given. So it'll look like this: 5 people - 1 prize. 10 people-2 prizes. 15-3 prizes and so on. I'll give you until the 15th of September to buy in (a month). Each day I will post a challenge. You have until the 30th to finish any of the challenges. For each challenge you complete you will get an entry into the drawing for the winners. So the more you complete the more entries you have and the better chance you have at winning a prize. You don't have to complete each challenge by the end of that day because I understand we all have lives we have to cater to. So if you miss a day you can make it up whenever before the end of the 30 days. I will use and online random calculator to choose the winners. And to sweeten the deal even more I will let you in on the first challenge.
Day 1. For every person you get to join the challenge you will get an extra FIVE entries! That's potential to get you a huge head start. Just have them like the page so they can get each challenge and have them leave a comment about joining and who invited them.

If anyone is interested in joining let me know. If I don't get enough people to join I will still be doing the 30 day challenge for myself. I'm ready to get back on track and lose weight! I'm back!!

Grayson: Three Months

Three months, baby boy. Three months! You aren't considered our newborn anymore. You are full of personality and spunk. Such a handsome, joy-filled little man. You amaze us more and more every day! This month has been so much fun. They are all fun, but you have been such a little ham. You are easy-going and laid-back. Everything we prayed for and then some. 

We started off this month in Tennessee. Enjoying our two weeks of leave. You enjoyed your first time at the lake and you went in the pool for the first time. Before we left your grandma Shannon wanted to have your pictures done with your cousin Brodie. We hadn't had a family picture done yet so we decided while there to get one done.

What's new:

This month you rolled from your back to your stomach, (July 14th) which you have now mastered. You have rolled once from your stomach to your back (July 28th) but haven't showed any interest in doing it again. You love to be face to face with someone and talk, for what seems like forever. You have started to squeal which I think is your version of laughing. You have found your hands and you will always have one in your mouth. You like to chew on everything and drool every where. I haven't seen any teeth yet but you act like you're teething. 

You got your first set of shots this month. You cried for a minute but did really well.

You love to be held looking out and standing up. Being talked to but mainly talking back. Chewing on your fist, ceiling fans, being outdoors, your mobile and floating in the water. You are still such a little morning person.

You hate being cuddled unless you want to fall asleep. You still don't enjoy your car seat and more recently the vacuum.

Who you met:

  • The West Family.
  • Brenda Tyree
  • A few of mommy and daddy's friends.
  • Grandma Vicky
  • Aunt Bethanne
  • The Otto Family
  • Great Aunt Amber & kids.
  • Great Grandma Tammy
  • Great Grandpa Paul


This month we have transitioned you to your crib full time. Same bedtime routine as before. Instead of moving you into our room after you wake up for the first time, we now get up and go into your room each time. During the day we have worked on getting you to put yourself to sleep. They say it is better to put you to bed drowsy and not fully asleep. This way you learn to put your self to sleep and so it also won't confuse you when you go to sleep seeing one of us and wake up alone. It was much easier than we thought it would be.

You normally fight sleep, hard core. We start by feeding you like normal but instead of letting you fall asleep in my arms and putting you in your crib, I wait until your eyes are heavy and then lay you in there. You rub and scratch your eyes when you are tired so I now put mittens on you for your naps. I turn on your mobile, white noise bear and the baby monitor. You talk/ fuss just a little and then knock out. If you start to cry we go in and calm you down. I honestly thought it would be more of a fight and I know I wouldn't be able to listen to you cry your self to sleep.

Since you were born you have slept with your eyes open on occasion. I am kind of used to people asking about it now but for some reason I thought you would out grow it by now. 


This month you have moved into size two diapers and 3-6 month clothing. You are growing like a weed. 


  • Mr.Man- used this a lot when you were first born.
  • Handsome- Momma always calls you handsome.
  • Bubba- We both just took to this one.
  • Scott- Occasionally your daddy likes to call you Scott.