Sunday, November 16, 2014

Week Fourteen

November 9th- November 15th

Big news this week! We found out the sex of the baby. On the 11th, before the appointment, we had everyone meet up at the house. If you thought the baby was a boy you wore blue and if you thought girl you wore pink.

It was funny to see that everyone voted for a girl. I was pretty much the only one voting boy. I got a few pity votes at the end :) Most of the old wives tales also said girl. The Intelligender worked for my sister and was one of the only things that predicted...

A BOY!!!

I'm so excited about having a boy and so in love with him already. We had a 3D ultrasound done and I loved it. I know they cost out of pocket and are just for fun but if you are expecting and can afford it, I highly recommend it. You can see so many little details. They gave me a CD with about 30 pictures and a DVD of the whole ultrasound. We bought a teddy bear they sell. They will record the heartbeat and put in the bear. 

He is going to be tall just like his daddy!!

He was a wiggle worm. Moved so much the entire time.

I just love the details. 

Not sure if that is hair or not but he is adorable.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Week Thirteen

November 2nd-November 8th

Feeling great this week. Still get tired but I can deal with that any day!

This week I have spent so much time browsing for baby names and baby bedding. We have agreed on a girls name but when it comes to boys we are just on different pages. I like a more unique first name with a traditional middle name. A lot of Justin's suggestions are very common boy names and growing up as an Ashley, with 100's of other Ashley's running around, is probably why I don't want a common name.

It is the opposite when it comes to baby bedding. I could find boy stuff I liked but nothing for girls. So much pink!! Ughh and you have to buy things in a set. I would rather mix and match so I'm not overpowered with pink. I'm loving the woodsy theme for a boy. I haven't asked Justin his opinion on it yet because we will find out he sex on the 11th. It'll be easier to decide on one thing rather than both genders.

The Northwood's CollectionThe Northwood's CollectionThe Northwood's Collection

I bought some maternity pants this week and let me tell you I am so happy. My pants were quite painful to button. Not a problem if I was home but going out in public sucked. Pregnancy is so much different than I ever expected but its in a good way. I love the belly bump. Being able to feel everything stretching and growing is pretty neat as well.

I am still not sleeping on my side like I need to be. It makes my arms fall asleep. Justin actually surprised me and bought a pregnancy pillow for me. So I will have that when I get home. Hopefully it helps keep me from rolling over. He's had a hard time getting to excited for the baby this time around. It hasn't even been a year since we lost our last baby so I understand. Once he seen a picture of my belly though things have changed. He has relaxed and is really starting to let himself get excited.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Week Twelve

October 26th- November 1

Sunday was my first full day back home and it was a busy one. Being pregnant I get exhausted pretty easily. I don't nap but I am still in bed by nine. The baby received their first gift this week. A picture frame for an ultrasound picture that I love.

Week twelve has been symptoms free! No nausea at all! At the beginning of this week I felt a tightness in my lower stomach where the baby is. Around the same time I noticed my belly is starting to fill out and harden. I didn't have a flat stomach to start with so it has been a little hard to tell if there has been any change. But I have a little bump now and by the time Justin gets to see it he is going to be surprised at how much it has changed.

Since my 3D ultrasound is just around the corner I've been looking at Pinterest to incorporate a little fun. Since I will be having a ton of my family go with me I can't really have a gender reveal party like I was planing. I've found four ideas I will probably be incorporating. The first is a board showing what the old wives tales suggest I am having to help people place a guess on the second board.

The next idea I liked was having everyone separate into two groups. Team girl or team boy based on their guess, for a picture. I would like to have a couple props and maybe suggest people wear pink or blue if they have it. The last idea I am not sold on yet but a boy and girl cut outs for people pose with.

Any ideas on how to have a little extra baby guessing fun before the ultrasound? It is harder to come up with ideas when you are not actually revealing the idea at the party.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week Eleven

October 19th- October 25th

Week eleven was pretty uneventful, to say the least. At the beginning of the week my morning sickness kicked in a little bit stronger but by the end of the week I was only feeling sick after breakfast for maybe an hour.

On Saturday I flew home!! It was an exhausting day. I had two flights. My first stopping in North Carolina and from there into Nashville. Flying while pregnant, even this early, was so much different. Take off made me nausea's. They would dim the lights and not have the air conditioning on until we got up in the air which made me feel even worse. Thankfully I brought snacks with me because both flights didn't hand out any and when the baby gets hungry, it wants food now! I also got my first headache during my first flight and had no Tylenol with me. By the time I got to Nashville even my eyes were hurting.

After I landed I got to meet my nephew. He's adorable. We went to dinner and the mall, where I got four tops from the maternity store. I'm starting to get a little bump. I feel like it has been looking like bloat and fat but I feel it firming and taking shape. That is pretty exciting =)