Friday, January 31, 2014


The end of the month has pretty much creeped up. We've all made New Years resolutions, how are you doing so far?

I try not to do the whole New Year, new me, kind of resolution. Instead, I've been making a list of 100 things to do in a year, each year for a few years now. Big and small. Significant and not so significant. This year I really wanted to actually finish my entire list. Since I finished so many on my birthday, the other day, I thought it would be nice to do a monthly review of the goals I've finished so far.


You can find my whole list and pictures of everything I've completed under the goals tab at the top of the page.

  1. Better filing for important documents.
  2. Start the new year kissing someone special.
  3. Surprise him with a romantic night.
  4. Buy Lingerie.
  5. Go to the PX and buy Army stuff.
  6. (This was a hidden goal) Blacked out for only me to know.
  7. More Victoria's Secret.
  8. Get a professional massage.
  9. Cheesecake Factory.
  10. Get to see a Beluga Whale.
  11. Buy five old issues of the Walking Dead comics.
  12. Atlanta road trip.
  13. Get a credit report.
  14. Celebrate turning 25 in a big way.

In Progress:

A few of these are going to be year long goals but I am doing them.

  1. Get back to doing monthly goals.
  2. Stay away from alcohol.
  3. Get back to blogging regularly.
  4. 52 Week Money Challenge.
  5. Wear heels more often.
  6. Learn more about the military.
  7. Keep in touch with the in laws.
  8. Get more comfortable singing in front of him.
  9. More bubble baths.
  10. Read five books. (City of Glass) (Hollow City)

Wish list for February:

Out of the nine listed I would only be marking off the first three things. The others are starts to longer goals.
  1. Learn more about holistic health.
  2. Print health records from last miscarriage to keep on file.
  3. Have a special Valentines Day.
  4. Finish one book.
  5. One new healthy recipe.
  6. Update I-pod.
  7. Start applying for a second job.
  8. Buy one more thing for moving out.
  9. One random act of kindness

It is a lot to keep up with but I'm pretty happy with how I've done so far. I think having it on here has really helped me remember  and keep up with it.

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