Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July Review and August Goals

August is right around the corner, which means it's time again to make some goals and go over what happened this month.

July started out pretty busy with the holidays and gradually slowed down for us each week. I participated in a Fitbit challenge called the work week hustle. There were about seven people trying to get the most steps between Monday and Friday. I had two people consistently ahead of me in steps. This kept me pushing everyday to get more than the day before. I'm pretty competitive when it comes to things I'm interested in.

I added daily walks in our neighborhood to my daily routine. I found out that two times around equaled out to 4,000 steps. Grayson loved getting to go out and for a kid who would rather walk/ run, he does great in the stroller for our walks.

I hadn't weighed myself in a while and I came to realize my scale kind of sucks. To try and help the problem I moved the scale to Graysons bathroom so that it doesn't get moved. This has helped with the accuracy. I weighed in on the 11th for my first official weigh in and since then I am down 8 lbs.

It sounds great but looking in the mirror I can't tell a difference. I was reminded today while using my Timehop, I had posted a status a few years ago saying I had lost seven pounds. That even though I couldn't tell a difference looking in the mirror, I had taken before pictures and could see a huge difference. Just have to keep in mind that every pound is a step closer.

As for August, I've made a ton of goals. Not all of them health and fitness related but I love my lists and making goals. As for the health and fitness related ones, they're as follows:

Visualization- I have a fitness related journal that I haven't ever used. I plan getting it out and start using it. Also I want to make a page just for pounds lost.

Challenges- I have committed to the August challenge that Kay over at Goal of Losing is doing. If you need some extra motivation look her up on Facebook and join the challenge! Depending on how that goes, determines how many Fitbit challenges I try this month.

Personal Goals- I lost eight pounds in two weeks this month. I feel that's a fairly aggressive goal so I'm making the 8 lb goal for the whole month. Two pounds a week. I would love to make my 10,000 step goal twice a week and do some sort of workout a couples times a week.

We have a lot coming up this month and a lot of life changes coming up over the rest of this year. We'll be leaving New York in November! I'm going to try my best to stay focused on my goals and lose this weight!

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